Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences- MSc

1-3 Years


The Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences have a connection with a human. Sometimes nature behaves differently, earth sciences change, and environment loses balance, then human faces problems. Some problems are man-made and some are natural. Global warming, different types of pollution, floods, deforestation, waste production, etc. are the problems people face. The aim of this postgraduate degree is to study and find out the reasons and solutions to these environmental problems.

UK universities for Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences (MSc)

Under this topic, there are many subjects you can choose to do your master’s. Several good UK universities offer different postgraduate subjects related to Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences. Now we are going to discuss some universities and the offered courses-

University of York

Sustainability Science

Students who want to earn a degree in Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences (MSc) then they can surely find Sustainability Science at York. This course will teach you environmental science, social science, problems, bio and geoscience, earth system processes, etc. Besides, core modules students have chances to choose from optional modules. You will swim through the deep knowledge of present and future sustainability. It will develop the skills of analysis, collation, synthesis, and presentation of interdisciplinary data and make learners confident.

Intake- September
Duration- 1 year/ 2 years
Study Mode- Full-time/Part-time
Tuition Fees- £22,059 per year (full-time)

There will be a variety of career paths for skilled graduates of Sustainability Science. Again, they can go for further study and research after completing the course. Some work options are-

  • Educational contributors
  • Private conservation organisations
  • Research
  • Government environmental, conservation, or heritage agencies
  • Environmental consultancies
  • Environmental Economics and Environmental Management

    University of York offers another Msc related to Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences named Environmental Economics and Environmental Management. Throughout the course, the students will learn the core topics including environmental and ecological economics and the interactions between economic, social, and ecological systems. They will learn through both theoretical and practical classes.

    Intake- September
    Duration- 1 year
    Study Mode- Full-time
    Tuition Fees- £18,700 per year

    Skilled graduates can get work in any relevant and other sectors too. They can earn attractive salaries all around the world.

    Cranfield University

    Cranfield University offers a master’s course on Water and Sanitation for Development. Students having an interest in Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences (MSc) can choose this at this popular UK institution. This programme will teach you to identify and design water sources, you will not only learn the management and finance models for water but also know how to ensure hygiene services. Safe and proper use of water is still a fact people have lacking knowledge. So, this postgraduate will enable you to study, evaluate and spread awareness about the uses of water and general sanitation. They will be glad to do projects also besides studying theories.

    Intake- October
    Duration- 1 year/ 2 years
    Study Mode- Full-time/Part-time
    Tuition Fees- £25,382 per year (full-time)

    After completing Water and Sanitation for Development postgraduation graduates can work in any water sector on the earth. They can work as-

  • Consultants
  • Managers
  • Engineers
  • Sanitation
  • Specialists
  • Project managers
  • University of Leeds

    Geographical Information Systems MSc

    Leeds is a renowned UK university and ranked 91st position by QS. It offers a master’s in Geographical Information Systems. If you are interested in Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences (MSc) then this course is for you. The programme is outlined by the topics of geographical information science, environmental science, socioeconomic science, and other core and optional modules. Students will gain all necessary theoretical knowledge, planning skills, and practical applications too.

    Intake- September
    Duration- 1 year/ 2years
    Study Mode- Full-time/Part-time
    Tuition Fees- £23,500 per year (full-time)

    Graduates of Geographical Information Systems can choose any private and public jobs, the teaching profession, do research, and so on.

    Structural Geology with Geophysics MSc

    Structural Geology with Geophysics is another Msc under Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences that is also available at Leeds. The course will train the learners with all basic and complex subject knowledge. They will study geo-energy, applied geophysical methods, geomechanics, advanced structural modelling and data analytics, and so on.

    Intake- September
    Duration- 1 year
    Study Mode- Full-time
    Tuition Fees- £28,750 per year

    Talented students have the opportunity to get scholarships and financial awards from Leeds. Some career options of these graduates include-

  • Atmospheric Scientists.
  • Engineering Geophysicist
  • Exploration Geophysicist
  • Geo-environmental Engineer
  • Geo-Environmental Consultant
  • Geodesist
  • Geomagnetician
  • Geophysicist
  • Geothermal Specialist
  • Hydrologist

  • University of the West of England (UWE Bristol)

    UWE Bristol provides Sustainable Development in Practice MSc. It is also a part of Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences (MSc).

    The course will provide details knowledge of sustainable development, organization, environmental management, and so on. Students will work on real-world projects and gain practical experiences too. So, to enjoy bright job lives this UWE course will equip the graduates completely.

    Intake- October
    Duration- 1 year/2 years
    Study Mode- Full-time/Part-time
    Tuition Fees- £ 13,750 per year (full-time)

    The graduates can seek to work with organisations like transport, construction any business, and others. Moreover, jobs private, multi-national, and govt. sectors are also available for eligible candidates.

    Bournemouth University

    This well-known UK university offers MSc Biodiversity Conservation, it is for the students who like to do Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences (MSc). There are core and option units within the programme. Students will study Field Ecology skills, Frontiers in Biodiversity, Quantitative & Spatial Analysis, etc. The subject details and project knowledge support the students in becoming ready for their future careers.

    Intake- September
    Duration- 1 year/2years
    Study Mode- Full-time/Part-time
    Tuition Fees- £15,000 per year (full-time)

    The career paths for the graduates are-

  • Ecological consultant
  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental conservation manager
  • Academic researchers etc.

  • Coventry University

    Sustainability and Environmental Management MSc can fund by Coventry University for the interested in Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences (MSc). Coventry has outlined the programme on the topics of environmental, technological, political, and social issues associated with environmental management and real-world sustainability issues. So, throughout the whole period, students will gain all the necessary knowledge and skills.

    Intake- September, January
    Duration- 1 year/2-3 year
    Study Mode- Full-time/Part-time
    Tuition Fees- £16,600 per year (full-time)

    Graduates do further higher studies and work as-

  • Environmental officers in the industry
  • Local authorities
  • Government agencies
  • Universities and consultancies etc.
  • FAQ's

    What is Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences?

    The field of Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences is a multidisciplinary area of study that centres on the examination of the interrelationships between human beings and the natural environment. The primary aim is to address tangible issues such as environmental pollution, deforestation, waste generation, and the phenomenon of global warming.

    Which universities offer Environmental Science in UK?

    UK universities for Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences-

  • University of York
  • Cranfield University
  • University of Leeds
  • University of the West of England (UWE Bristol)
  • Bournemouth University
  • Coventry University

  • Is Environmental Science a good subject?

    The field of Environmental Science presents itself as a highly promising and rewarding career path for students. One can investigate the various physical, chemical, and biological phenomena occurring on Earth, along with the societal, political, and cultural factors that influence the planet.

    Is Earth Science same as Environmental?

    The field of Earth science primarily centres on the geosphere, encompassing the geological features and processes of the Earth's crust. In contrast, environmental science places a greater emphasis on the biosphere and the ecological issues that impact living organisms.

    Is Earth and Environmental Science hard?

    The attainment of a bachelor's degree in either environmental science or environmental studies requires diligent effort, yet it is a highly gratifying accomplishment. A significant amount of time will be devoted to science and laboratory courses, where intricate concepts will be taught, and novel materials and equipment will be utilised.