Supply Chain Management

3/ 4 years (Bachelor), 1/ 2 years (Masters)

What is Supply Chain Management?

The Supply Chain Management course is a popular choice among international students. Supply Chain  is the network of people, processes, networks, and companies involved in manufacturing goods, distributing products, and serving those to consumers. While completing the degree in supply chain management, the students will be able to learn how this contributes to every aspect of a nation’s economic situation. For example, companies like  H&M , Ikea, Coca-Cola, and Zara support a country’s economic condition a lot.

Also, the students will learn how to investigate external factors and events, for example, panic buying, Brexit, new technology, and climate change on the supply chain. These students also observe how organisations optimise their SCM to sell similar products to their competitors at a cheaper price. In addition, the department will teach students topics such as risk management, logistic management, ethics and sustainability, and use of professional software, tools, etc.

The Advantages of this Course

As there is still a skill shortage in this area, there is demand and a lot of job opportunities in this area. SCM is very popular among Moroccan students. Moreover, in today’s global economy, supply chains are extremely complex. This field badly requires supply chain management for a data-driven approach. The advantages of studying supply chain management are:

  • Better collaboration and seamless sharing of information
  • Master the main objectives of a successful supply chain manager
  • Achieve knowledge how to build a more effective supply chain to improve profitability

  • Promote an understanding of the major challenges and trends of supply chain management

  • While making any decisions, students can learn how to use logistics
  • People can work comfortably with the main supply chain management system for appropriate implementation

  • Students will learn how to gain knowledge about uncovering and analysing the latest consumer buying habits and how they’re affecting supply chains

  • This degree will boost transferable skills. For example, communication, teamwork, and critical and creative thinking The customers value this knowledge.
  • Intakes and Tuition Fee Structure of Supply Chain Management

    A large number of UK universities offer Bachelor and Masters degrees in supply chain management. The universities offer this degree as a full-time, online course for undergraduate students. On the other hand, postgraduate students have the choice of both full-time and part-time study. The approximate tuition fee for this course is £16,000–£24900 for foreign students.

    The Objectives of this Programme

    The major goal of this subject is to fulfil customer demands, improve an organization’s responsiveness, establish and develop value for customers, create a network, and boost financial success. A supply chain manager needs to generate new strategies, form relationships, and align processes to work successfully in this area. It totally depends on you, whether you want to apply new technology or work with others to improve their skills.

    In the last couple of years, there has been a huge technological change in the supply chain. Another aim of this programme is to appeal to learners who seek a course that has a strong orientation towards future digital technologies and their application to supply chain management.

    When Should a Student Consider Taking Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management provides students with the opportunity to gain an in-depth perspective of global supply chains and develop the strategic and analytical devices to manage them. Academics carried out in-depth research to develop the curriculum for the UK universities. This business will assist you to advance your knowledge of supply chain management and prepare you for the jobs of the future if you are seeking to further your career in supply chain management or interested in gaining insight into global trends in the industry. If you are planning to enrol in the MSc in Supply Chain Management, you need to complete your Bachelor degree. However, some UK universities want work experience as one of their admission requirements for this degree.

    Why Should You Study Supply Chain Management in the United Kingdom

    As the UK’s education system is globally recognised, their business department is highly strong. The UK has one of the finest business faculties, and supply chain management is a high-standard subject in UK universities. The students can learn both the theoretical and practical elements of how to operate an effective supply chain in a diverse and busy global market. Moreover, they place huge emphasis on real-life challenges. The graduates from the department of supply chain management in the UK will find roles in logistic companies, airlines, and ports.

    Additionally, the students of this department will attend study tours and get experience from a supply chain perspective in different places in Europe. Furthermore, the foreign students will get the opportunity to study in an actual international environment with students and academics from every part of the world, as the UK is one of the most popular destinations for international learners.

    UK Universities for Supply Chain Management

    Here are the three top notch universities who offer Supply Chain Management degree:

    University of Manchester

    The university offers this course under the Alliance Manchester Business School. Students will get some extraordinary exposure while studying here.

    For example-

  • The university believes that during the course, the students will gain knowledge of skills and make sure that processes run regularly, particularly in the face of options and challenges arising from the increasing global reach of business.
  • The department also shows how operation management, project management, and supply chain management work.
  • The students who want to study further (MPhil, PhD) can get a strong foundation from this degree

  • Cranfield University

    Cranfield University is the second-top-ranked university in the United Kingdom. The Supply Chain has been merged with senior logistic and supply chain professionals and one of Europe’s largest specialist logistics and supply chain management faculties. They offer a full-time MSc programme where 60% is the course work and 40% is the project work. The course also offers 10 fundamental and core modules and 4 elective modules.

    There are some more universities where foreign students can complete their supply chain management.

    They are:

  • University
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Kent
  • Southampton Business School
  • Aston Business School
  • Manchester Metropolitan University

  • If you are interested in supply chain management and want to demonstrate your career in this field, then one of these universities will be the foremost destination for you. Once you have decided which university you want to enrol in, or if you feel any confusion picking one from these educational institutions, visit us, and our experts will assist you with the entire application process.


    Is supply chain management a good career in UK?

    If you're looking for the finest educational opportunity, pick any of these schools. Supply chain management graduates and postgraduates in the UK have access to a variety of job opportunities and competitive salaries. An entry-level worker can expect an annual salary of roughly 30,000 British pounds (INR 28,36,433).

    Who is eligible for supply chain management in the UK?

    A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) with honours in Supply Chain Management (SCM) is required at a bare minimum. Minimum passing grades of 60–70% are expected. Applicants with suitable job experience and a professional undergraduate degree will also be considered.

    Is supply chain management better than logistics?.

    The goal of logistics is to get products to consumers as quickly and cheaply as possible. Improved operational performance is one of the primary goals of supply chain management, as it directly relates to the company's ability to remain competitive.

    How do I become a supply chain consultant UK?

    Get a degree. Most positions as a supply chain consultant require at least a bachelor's degree in a related field. Choose a specialty, find an internship, obtain work experience, consider a graduate degree, increase your network, and consider a certification.

    How much does a supply chain consultant earn in London?

    Supply chain consultants in the United Kingdom make an average annual salary of £57,900. View supply chain consultant salary information regionally. Supply chain consultant salaries are based on 31 reports of anonymous salaries posted to Glassdoor.