MH Global Group Opens Opportunities and Recognised Merit Students in Dhaka

MH Global Group organised the International Career & Education Expo & Emerging Leaders Award 2024 event at Bangabandhu International Conference Center, Dhaka, for higher education support, career support, networking, recognition, and more.

1000+ exceptional merit students from Bangladesh were awarded the prestigious Emerging Leaders Award 2024 for their outstanding academic achievements.

Gathering over 5,000 individuals, the Education Expo, IELTS Fair, Career Fair, Alumni Networking, and Awards Ceremony served as a dynamic platform for students and professionals alike to explore educational opportunities, engage in networking sessions, and celebrate academic excellence.

A.K.M. Golam Kibria (Chairman), Golam Mortuza (CEO), Zahirul Islam (Chief Commercial Officer), Benjamin Bilverstone (Chief Operating Officer) at MH Global Group, Katharine Ovens (Director of Partnerships at AHZ), Andrew Straughan (Regional Director of NCUK), Samuel Jackson-Royle (Director of BUILA), and all the partner representatives were present at the event.

With a firm commitment to fostering emerging leaders and nurturing talent across various disciplines, MH Global Group aims to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education and employment, not only in Bangladesh but also on a global scale.

“Our mission is to provide unparalleled support to individuals seeking to excel in their academic endeavours and carve out successful careers. We aim to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders and innovators through our initiatives.” A.K.M. Golam Kibria, Chairman of MH Global Group.

The Emerging Leaders Award 2024 highlighted the remarkable accomplishments of students who have demonstrated exemplary dedication and academic prowess. By recognising their achievements, MH Global Group seeks to inspire a new generation of leaders poised to make meaningful contributions to society.

Through initiatives like the International Career and Education Expo, MH Global Group continues to provide vital support and resources to empower individuals in their educational and professional pursuits, ultimately contributing to the advancement of Bangladesh’s educational landscape and beyond.

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