Get Ready for a Fresh Start – A Guide to the September 2023 Intake in the UK

The September 2023 intake in the UK is an eagerly anticipated event for students and universities alike. Each year, thousands of students from around the world apply to study at top-ranked universities in the UK, attracted by the country’s excellent reputation for academic excellence, cutting-edge research, and vibrant student life. The September 2023 intake will be no exception, with universities preparing to welcome a new cohort of students to their campuses.

For international students, the UK offers a unique opportunity to experience a new culture, improve their language skills, and gain a world-class education. In addition to the traditional undergraduate and postgraduate courses, universities in the UK offer a wide range of programmes in fields such as business, law, engineering, and the creative arts. Many universities also offer work placements, internships, and other ways to get real-world experience and make connections in the professional world.

This could include things like online resources and more support services to help students get used to living in a new country. September 2023 intake in the UK promises to be an exciting and transformative experience for students, offering them the chance to gain new skills, make lifelong connections, and prepare for a successful career in their chosen field.

What is September Intake in UK Universities?

Most students enrol in the fall semester because the academic year at UK universities begins then. If prospective students cannot enrol in the fall semester, they have two other opportunities: the January and May intake at UK universities. Nearly 80% of international students applying to UK universities choose the September intake, associated with its benefits and drawbacks. You may believe you have a lot of time, but this is not the case, particularly for international students.

Students planning to enrol in UK universities for the September 2023 intake in the UK should be aware that the application deadline for the September 2023 intake in the UK is rapidly approaching.

How many intakes are there in the UK for international students?

Concerns about the UK’s “intakes” are a common source of misunderstanding among international students applying to universities there. The United Kingdom has three distinct application periods: the autumn/September intake (October–December/early January), the winter/January intake (February–April), and the summer/spring/May intake (May–July) (May-August).

Almost all UK colleges and universities welcome new students in September, and many provide unlimited enrollment for the first semester. This way, a learner can pick from an extensive menu of options. The next scheduled enrollment for the United Kingdom is in September 2023 intake. If you were hoping to join in January of 2023 but missed out, the next available intake is in September.

Why is the September intake so special for international students?

Most UK undergraduate and postgraduate programmes also start their academic year in September, making it the country’s principal entry month. Here are a few pieces of evidence in support of September 2023 enrollment in the UK:

● All courses are available in the September 2023 intake.
● You won’t have trouble deciding where to apply because all the top universities in the UK accept international students for the September admission period.
● The UK’s September enrollment period is when it offers the most scholarships.
● Students from all over the world will be able to follow the admissions process for the September entry into the UK because it coincides with their academic year.
● Students who apply between December and March will have plenty of time to complete their studies at their current institution before starting a new one in the United Kingdom.
● As a bonus, you’ll be able to schedule, prepare for, and take entrance exams with ease and then promptly receive your scores and be in.

Step-by-Step Timetable for the September 2023 intake

April to June 2022- Make a list of universities and majors you’re interested in, then research the steps for applying, what documents you’ll need, your estimated costs, any financial assistance you might be eligible for, and the application date.

● Examine the criteria for entry to see if you qualify. (Literary and scholarly)
● Get any applicable grants or scholarships.
● Verify the availability of housing, transportation, a post-graduation job permit, and part-time employment.

June to August 2022- Students from outside the United Kingdom will need excellent English language skills to succeed in their academic pursuits there. Now is as good a time as any to start studying for an English language test.

August to December 2022– Get rolling on your application paperwork by drafting your statement, letters of recommendation, and academic records.

December 2022 to April 2023– Submit applications to the universities of your choice. April to July 2023– Make sure you have an offer letter and bank statements before submitting a visa application.

July to September 2023– Get ready to fly to your dream study.

When should you apply for the September 2023 intake?

You have an entire year to be ready if you plan on enrolling in classes in the United Kingdom in September 2023 intake. It’s understandably competitive to gain admission for the September 2023 intake due to the many applicants. To avoid delays, it’s best to get everything in order ahead of time and send your application without delay. You might as well be halfway done if you’ve been putting off submitting your application until the final minute.

If you’re planning to study in the UK in September 2023, it’s important to start preparing and applying as early as possible. This will give you enough time to finish the application process, get all the documents you need, and make sure you get into the university you want. The deadline for university applications in the UK may vary, but typically it is between January and June of the same year. For the September 2023 intake, you can expect the deadlines to be around these months.

Applying early also gives you a better chance of receiving a decision from the university sooner, which can help with your planning and preparation for your move to the UK. It can also give you more time to think about what to do if a university turns you down, giving you a chance to apply to other schools or make changes to your application. Also, students who apply early may have a better chance of getting scholarships or financial aid, which can be a big deal for many international students.

Advantages of taking the September 2023 intake in the UK

The September intake is a popular option for students who want to start their academic journey at the beginning of the academic year. Here are some of the key advantages of taking the September 2023 intake in the UK:

● Fresh Start: September is the start of a new academic year, which provides students with a fresh start and a new opportunity to focus on their studies and set academic goals for the year.

● Better Preparation Time: Students who choose the September intake have more time to prepare for their studies, both academically and personally. This can help to ensure that they are fully prepared to hit the ground running when they start their course.

● Increased Availability of Resources: The start of the academic year is also the start of the academic cycle, which means increased availability of resources such as textbooks, course materials, and student services.

● Improved Integration: Starting in September, students can fully integrate into university life and their course and subject communities. This can help make the transition to university life smoother and more enjoyable.

● Access to On-Campus Activities: Taking the September 2023 intake provides international students with the opportunity to participate in various on-campus activities and events, such as orientation, club fairs, and student social events.

The September intake provides students with numerous advantages and opportunities to succeed academically and personally.

Application Deadlines for September 2023 Intake

Applying for the September 2023 intake will give you a good shot at getting into one of the top universities in the UK for your desired major. The optimal time to apply to a university in the United Kingdom is three to four months before the course’s start date in the United Kingdom. However, most dates for individual programmes are subject to change, and UCAS deadlines are always firm. To that end, let’s set a rough cutoff date for the September 2023 intake in the UK.

● The largest portion of undergraduate classes has a June deadline.
● There is a July cutoff for submitting a UCAS supplement request.
● The Clearinghouse for University of California Admissions (UCA) typically begins in July.
 September marks the absolute, unmovable deadline.

In a surprise announcement in some universities in the United Kingdom, some renowned British University has shocked their postgraduate students by ending September Intake ’23 courses early.

The application deadline in the UK typically begins eight to sixteen months prior to the start of the course, thus, the deadlines for the September 2023 intake may be earlier than this.

Top universities for the September 2023 intake in the UK

All UK universities welcome new students in September, offering various degrees. Institutions ranging from the middle to the top tier are represented among these new students. Some top-ranked universities in the UK are highlighted below:

UK Universities

1. Aston University 40. Birkbeck, University of London
2. Bangor University 41. BPP University
3. Birmingham City University 42. Brunel University London
4. Canterbury Christ Church University 43. Cardiff Metropolitan University
5. Coventry University 44. Cranfield University
6. De Montfort University 45. Hult International Business School
7. Keele University 46. Kingston University
8. Lancaster University 47. London South Bank University
9. Middlesex University London 48. Newcastle College (HE)
10. Newcastle University 49. Nottingham Trent University
11. Queen's University Belfast 50. Robert Gordon University
12. Solent University, Southampton 51. St Mary's University, Twickenham
13. Swansea University 52. Teesside University
14. The University of Buckingham 53. The University of East London
15. The University of Ulster, Birmingham,
London & N Ireland
54. University for the Creative Arts
16. University of Bedfordshire 55. University of Suffolk
17. University of Bradford 56. University College Birmingham-UCB
18. University of Central Lancashire 57. University of Chester
19. University of Dundee 58. University of East Anglia
20. University of Essex 59. University of Gloucestershire
21. University of Greenwich 60. University of Hertfordshire
22. University of Kent 61. University of Lincoln
23. University of Liverpool 62. University of Northumbria-London and Newcastle
24. University of Plymouth 63. University of Portsmouth
25. University of Reading 64. University of Roehampton, London
26. University of South Wales 65. University of Strathclyde
27. University of Sunderland London 66. University of Surrey
28. University of the West of England-UWE Bristol 67. University of Wales Trinity Saint David
29. University of York 68. University of Worcester
30. University of Winchester 69. University of Hull
31. Regent College London 70. Northeastern University
32. University of Wolverhampton 71. University of Huddersfield
33. University of Salford 72. University of Leicester
34. University of Northampton 73. Abertay University
35. University of Aberdeen 74. Loughborough University
36. Regents University 75. Heriot-Watt University
37. Staffordshire University 76. London Metropolitan University
38. Liverpool John Moores University 77. University of Sussex

Top Courses for the September 2023 Intake in the UK

Listed below are some of the best programmes available for enrollment beginning in September 2023 in the United Kingdom-

Business and Management
Engineering and Technology
Hospitality and Tourism
Media and Communications
Computer Science
Politics Finance and Accounting
Natural Science
Social Science
Sports Science

Essential Documents for September 2023 Intake

Before enrolling in a programme beginning in September 2023 Intake in UK, you must first complete the following required paperwork:

● Passport and UK Study Visa Copy
● A copy of 10th, 12th Certificate (For Undergraduate courses)
● A copy of 10th, 12th Certificate and Graduate Degree (For Post-graduation)
● Reference Letter with the signature of the referee
● Confirmation of Enrolment
● Degree of Master’s (For PhD courses)
● Research Proposal (To Apply for PhD Courses)
● Certificate of IELTS
● Personal Statement (State of Purpose)
● Updated CV
● UCAS Letter

Scholarships for September 2023 Intake

For the 2023–2024 academic year, major universities in the United Kingdom are offering over 1,500 scholarships to international students. These awards cover tuition, living expenses, health insurance, and a monthly stipend of around £2000.

Here are some scholarships for international students for the September 2023 intake in the UK-

Chevening Scholarship UK (Fully Funded)
GEMS International Undergraduate Scholarship
University of Bristol Think Big Scholarship
University of East Anglia Scholarship
Global Excellence Postgraduate Taught Scholarship
The Global Wales Postgraduate Scholarships
Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence Scholarship
Global Leaders Scholarship
University of Reading Empowering Change Scholarship
University of Exeter Undergraduate Scholarships
Westminster Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships
The Marshall Scholarships
GREAT Scholarships
Glasgow International Leadership Scholarships

From academic excellence to diversity and inclusion, there are a variety of scholarships available to help you achieve your dreams. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!


The September 2023 intake in the UK provides a fantastic opportunity for prospective students to pursue their academic goals and realise their full potential. With world-class universities offering a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs and a vibrant and welcoming academic community, studying in the UK can be an enriching and transformative experience.

The availability of scholarships and funding opportunities adds to the attractiveness of the UK as a study destination. Therefore, if you are considering pursuing your academic goals in the UK, now is the time to start exploring your options and take the first step towards a fulfilling academic journey.


Is September 2023 Intake good in the UK?

September is among the most popular entry month in the United Kingdom. This semester, nearly all universities are offering numerous courses. A substantial proportion of international students apply to higher education institutions through this admissions process.

Is September Intake Fall or Winter?

The term “fall intake” refers to the enrollment period that begins in September in the UK. The fall intake often starts in September and continues all the way through December. The universities in the UK are accepting applications from students for all of their programmes up until the September 2023 intake.

Is the September 2023 Intake better than the January 2023 Intake?

Since more classes are offered in the fall, students who enrol in September are better off than those who enrol in January. More courses are offered for the September intake than the January one.

When should I apply for September 2023 intake in the UK?

The application deadline for a September 2023 start date at a university in the United Kingdom is three to four months before the start of the course. Application procedures might be time-consuming at times. In addition, the later you are, the less likely it is that you will be able to find the show of your choice.

Which month does the September 2023 intake start in the UK?

Between December and June, get your application materials in order. This is due to the fact that the UK’s UCAS portal will close to overseas student applications on June 30th. And it means you may take your time filling out the application. Keep in mind, however, that there may be additional costs associated with applications that are submitted after the deadline.

What is the UCAS deadline for September 2023 intake in the UK?

For admission in September 2023, the application date for UCAS is June 30. Post-deadline applications will be processed as part of the clearing without further action from the applicant.

In which intake do most international students apply for UK universities?

The September or fall intake represents over 80% of all international students studying in the UK. It is the most crucial enrollment period for foreign students because nearly all classes are offered.

What are the benefits of a September 2023 intake in the UK?

The September intake provides students with numerous advantages and opportunities to succeed academically and personally. Here are some of the key advantages of taking the September 2023 intake in the UK:
* Fresh Start
* Better Preparation Time
* Increased Availability of Resources
* Improved Integration
* Access to On-Campus Activities

Can I get scholarships in the UK through September 2023 intake?

You can apply for several available scholarships during the September enrollment period. Not to mention the vast majority of available grants and awards for this influx.