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A UK visa is highly recommended for any Bangladeshi national planning to study in the UK. Proof of financial support for staying in the United Kingdom is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa to enter that country. To meet this condition, you must prove that you are financially stable, like bank statements.

Nevertheless, not all Bangladeshi banks are recognised by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). Because of this, selecting a reliable bank to employ for your visa application may prove difficult. Applicants from Bangladesh will be relieved to learn that a number of banks that are recognised by the UK Visas and Immigration Service can be used to submit evidence of sufficient funds.

The UK Visas and Immigration Service has determined that these financial institutions are reliable enough to recommend. This blog will be a thorough resource for learning about the UK financial institutions in Bangladesh recognised by the UK Visas and Immigration Service.

Here is a guide to navigating the extensive planning, applications, and documentation required, from collecting transcripts to submitting letters of recommendation and application forms; the process continues with financial documentation, an essential component for securing your UK student visa.

Importance of UKVI approved bank in Bangladesh for UK

UKVI approved bank in Bangladesh are important for UK visa applications because they provide a way for applicants to demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to cover their trip to the UK. When applying for a UK visa, applicants must provide evidence of their financial means. One way to do this is by providing bank statements or other financial documents from a UKVI-approved bank.

The UKVI approved banks in Bangladesh have been authorised by the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) department to verify financial statements and provide documentation that meets the UKVI’s requirements. This means that the bank statements provided by these approved banks are more likely to be accepted by the UKVI, reducing the risk of visa applications being rejected due to insufficient financial evidence.

In addition, using a UKVI approved bank in Bangladesh can also help streamline the visa application process. Applicants can typically obtain the required documentation more quickly and efficiently through an approved bank, as the bank is familiar with the UKVI’s requirements and procedures.

What are UKVI-approved banks?

Bangladeshi students and their parents need to know about the most up-to-date list of approved banks for higher education in the UK. This is necessary as they need to deposit their funds in these banks to provide bank statements for their children who intend to study abroad. To study in the UK, international students from Bangladesh must demonstrate a minimum of BDT 26 to 30 lac.

This requirement is mandatory for studying in the United Kingdom. The UK government has authorised all Bangladeshi financial institutions for UK visa applications per the latest regulations. The following is a list of previously approved financial institutions in Bangladesh for UK visa applications-

All Bank Name

Importance of using UKVI-approved banks for credibility and ease of processing

UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) is a division of the UK government responsible for managing immigration applications to the UK.

The ability to prove financial support for staying in the UK is a requisite for obtaining a visa to enter that nation. Applicants can satisfy this condition by submitting a bank statement from a financial institution recognised by UKVI. Using a UKVI-approved bank in Bangladesh is important for credibility because it ensures that the financial information provided by the applicant is reliable and accurate. UKVI-approved banks are financial institutions approved by the UK government to provide financial services to individuals applying for a UK visa.

These banks must meet specific standards and regulations set by the UK government to ensure the integrity and reliability of their services.If an applicant submits a bank statement from a non-UKVI-approved bank, UKVI may not consider the information credible and may reject the application for a UK student visa. This could delay or even prevent the applicant from entering the UK. Using a UKVI-approved bank in Bangladesh, on the other hand, increases the chances of a successful visa application and ensures that the applicant meets the financial requirements for their stay in the UK.

Using a UKVI-approved bank in Bangladesh is important for credibility because it ensures that the financial information provided by the applicant is reliable and meets the standards set by the UK government. Applicants should always check the list of approved banks before submitting their UK student visa application to avoid any delays or rejections.

A step-by-step guide to opening a UKVI-approved bank account in Bangladesh

To open a UKVI-approved bank account in Bangladesh, you can follow these steps:

1. Choose a UKVI-approved bank in Bangladesh:
 You can check the list of UKVI-approved banks in Bangladesh from the UK government’s website or the British High Commission’s website.

2. Gather your documents:
 You must provide some documents to open a bank account in Bangladesh. Gather the following documents:
  • Your valid passport
  • Bangladesh national ID card
  • Proof of permanent and present address (utility bills, rental agreement, etc.)
  • Proof of your income source (salary certificate, tax return documents, etc.)

    3. Visit the bank: Once you have chosen the bank and gathered the necessary original documents, visit the bank’s branch in person.

    4. Fill out the application form:
    The bank will provide you with an application form you must fill out. Provide accurate information and make sure to sign the form.

    5. Provide your documents:
    Submit your original documents and the application form to the bank.

    6. Wait for the bank’s approval:
    After submitting your application and documents, the bank will review and verify your documents. This may take a few days.

    7. Receive your account details:
    If your application is approved, the bank will provide your account details, including your account number, sort code, and other relevant information.

    8. Activate your account:
    You must make a first deposit into your account before you can begin using it. Your bank will tell you how much money you need to open an account.

    9. Register with UKVI:
    Once you have opened your bank account, you need to register with UKVI by providing them with your account details.

  • You can open a bank account in Bangladesh recognised by UKVI if you follow these instructions.

    Final thoughts and advice for prospective students or visitors to the UK from Bangladesh

    Prospective students or visitors from Bangladesh who are planning to study in the UK:

    1. Be aware of the cultural differences:
    The UK has a different culture than Bangladesh, and it’s essential to be aware of these differences before you arrive. This can help you avoid misunderstandings and make your transition smoother.

    2. Prepare for the weather: The UK is known for its unpredictable weather, so pack appropriate clothing for all seasons. It’s also a good idea to check the weather forecast regularly.

    3. Get familiar with the transportation system: The transportation system in the UK is efficient, but it can be confusing for first-time visitors. It’s a good idea to do some research before you arrive and familiarise yourself with the various modes of transportation available.

    4. Budget accordingly: The UK can be an expensive place to live and study, so make sure to budget accordingly. Look for student discounts and deals, and consider cooking your meals instead of eating out to save money.

    5. Connect with other Bangladeshis: There is a large Bangladeshi community in the UK, so try to connect with other Bangladeshis in your area.

    The UK can be an excellent place to study and visit, but it’s essential to be prepared and informed before you arrive.

    Good luck with your journey!

    - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is the UKVI?

    UKVI stands for UK Visas and Immigration. It is a UK government department responsible for managing immigration to the United Kingdom.

    What are UKVI-approved banks?

    UKVI-approved banks are financial institutions authorised by UKVI to provide financial evidence for UK visa applications. These banks must meet certain criteria and provide specific documentation to demonstrate their eligibility for approval.

    Which banks in Bangladesh are UKVI-approved?

    As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the following banks in Bangladesh were UKVI approved:

  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • City Bank
  • Eastern Bank Limited
  • Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited
  • BRAC Bank
  • Mutual Trust Bank

  • Do I need to provide financial evidence for a UK visa application?

    Yes, most UK visa applications require you to provide evidence of your financial situation. This can include bank statements, pay slips, and other documents to show that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in the UK.

    Can I use a bank account from a non-UKVI-approved bank for my visa application?

    No, UKVI requires that you use a bank account from one of their approved banks for your visa application. This is to ensure that the financial evidence you provide is genuine and can be verified by UKVI.

    Does UKVI verify bank statements?

    You can let people download their bank statements if this information is included. These can be used without getting a bank stamp. We may contact your bank to confirm your payment. It’s possible that your application could be denied if we have trouble confirming the funds.

    What documents do I need to provide from my UKVI-approved bank?

    You will typically need to provide bank statements from your UKVI-approved bank showing your financial situation over a certain period and any other documents required by your specific visa category.

    How long does it take to get a UK visa using financial evidence from a UKVI-approved bank?

    The processing time for UK visa applications can vary depending on various factors, including your specific visa category, the time of year, and the volume of applications being processed. However, providing genuine financial evidence from a UKVI-approved bank can help speed up the processing of your application.