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AHZ is proud to be an approved representative of higher education providers (HEPs) exclusively in the United Kingdom. With a 12-year history of operation and year-on-year growth since 2012, AHZ has grown exponentially. The company is headquartered in London and operates student counselling offices all over the world. For many of the universities that have grown with us, we are seen as a pillar of the UK higher education sector.

AHZ maintains the highest level of integrity, transparency, and fair practice. We are a continuously improving organisation and value comments, recommendations, and feedback to help us improve our services. We value long-term, reciprocal partnerships.

“We operate as a trusted local agent, with a global reach. We know how much country-specific expertise, relationships, and contacts are valued by our university partners, and we have replicated this model across a diverse set of markets.”
– Zahirul Islam, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of AHZ.

“We aspire to take care of every detail associated with studying abroad so that students can relax, knowing well that there is a professional team working on the case to secure the best outcome possible. We look forward to welcoming students from all over the world to become a part of AHZ and helping to prepare them for their future success.”
– Golam Mortuza, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AHZ.

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What Universities Say About US

“It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Zahirul, Golam, and the entire AH&Z team for a number of years. I continue to be impressed by the integrity and hard work of the whole organisation, and we have seen the resulting global success. I am looking forward to seeing the bright future we have, working together in close collaboration.”

University Name: DE Montfort University
Delegate: Martin Booth, Senior Regional Manager, (EU, EEA, Pakistan, Bangladesh, & Nepal) International Office.

“Happy 10th Anniversary, AH&Z! it’s been great to watch you go from strength to strength, keeping the value you bring to your students and your partners in sharp focus all along. Here’s to the next 10 years, and beyond!”

Company Name: UCAS International
Delegate: Managing Director

“I would sincerely like to extend my thanks for your invitation and add that it has been an absolute pleasure working with AHZ for these last 10 years. Zahirul, Golam and the wider team have always been so warm, welcoming, and friendly, whenever I have visited the offices in Dhaka or London. Above all, AHZ is professional and easy to work with, and this is tantamount to the success and growth they have achieved over the last few years. I look forward to continuing our strong working relationship for many years to come. I will look to schedule a visit to come down to see you all soon, All the best for the event on Thursday, I’m sure it’ll be a great night!“

University Name: Birmingham City University
Delegate: Rob Hurlbutt, Head of International Recruitment

“Congratulations on your 10th anniversary celebrations! Thank you for inviting us to share this special occasion. We look forward to continuing to work together and wish you every success in the future. Best wishes”

Company Name: Enroly
Delegate: Sian Healy, Account Manager (Agents and Students)

“We would like to extend the warmest of congratulations to AHZ on 10 years of success and for your nomination as International Student Recruitment Organisation of the Year. We really look forward to working with AHZ closely again this year.“

University Name: The University of Strathclyde
Delegate: Colin Rogers (Mr.), International Recruitment Manager (UKI)

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